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For Onshore Students

Start your journey to ANE College

Step 1: Understand The Entry Requirements:

Use the filters to search the courses as per your area of interest. Check the admission dates on the ANE College website. Check the admission requirements and deadlines for the selected degree. Read the instructions carefully. You also need to check the college’s English language admission requirements.

Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

While applying for the course, you need to submit all the required transcripts and necessary supporting documents. It’s good to prepare your records, just in case. Remember, the documents required vary based on the course you choose.

Step 3: Submit An Application

Once you understand the entry requirements and gather supporting documents, start your application. (link to the student application form here).

Step 4: Receive An Offer

After submitting the student application, you will receive an offer if you meet every criterion mentioned.

Step 5: Accept Your Offer

After receiving an offer, it is very important that you accept it to reserve your place at ANE College.

For Offshore Students

Start your journey to ANE College

Step 1: Find a course
  • Browse a wide range of courses available in our courses section.
  • Use filters to search the courses.
  • Browse the selected courses for detailed information like course requirements, eligibility criteria, and admission criteria.
Step 2: Check your Eligibility

The eligibility of the courses varies from one to another. Check the eligibility criteria mentioned in every course. You need to demonstrate that you have completed the recognized qualification with the required grades. Also, you will need to prove that you meet English language requirements.Do not forget to check additional admission criteria, which include:

  • A prerequisite
  • Use filters to search the courses.A portfolio
  • Assumed Knowledge
  • An interview, only in some cases
  • Relevant professional experience.
Step 3: Gather your documents

We only accept official documents that support your application. The documents may include:

  • English language results
  • Academic transcripts
  • Educational certificates

If your chosen course requires a supplementary application form, this will be listed on the course page.


Please make sure that every document that you submit is in English. If not, you can translate your documents with the help of an English translation made by an accredited translator with a government body.

Step 4: Check your finances

Before your application process gets completed, you need to understand and check the fees you need to pay. The finances include:

  • Course fees
  • Additional fees and costs

Besides this, you need to take care of the finances you need for accommodation and expenses to cover during your stay in Australia.

Step 5: Submit your application

International students can either apply directly or consult with education agents for help. You can also read the application process on our website.