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Feedback Form

Dear Student,
The purpose of this feedback is to provide ANE College with your feedback on the overall performance of the College. Your response should be based on your overall learning experience at ANE College. We request you to be open and honest about your feedback to help the college improve and make us a better learning institution.


    ANE College staff members respect my background and needs.

    ANE College has provided you with sufficient information about matters related to your studies.

    ANE College has provided you with enough necessary tools and equipment for studies.

    Trainers at ANE College have enough knowledge and experience in relation to the qualification I am enrolled.

    Study has been well designed with the mix of both practical and theory assessment.

    The way I was assessed was fair test of my skills and knowledge

    The training was at right level of difficulty for me

    ANE College provided with range of services to support the learners.

    Satisfied with the overall learning experience at ANE College.

    Would you recommend ANE College to others.

    If you have any other feedback, please respond below: