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Rules & Regulations

While studying at ANE College


Alcohol is NOT permitted on ANE College’s premises. It, being an educational Institution, the influence of liquor spoils the learning environment of the Institution.


ANE College is a NON-SMOKING workplace, and we ask for your assistance not to smoke on ANE College’s premises or within the building.

Chewing Gum

The chewing of gum is not entertained on the premises, as all classrooms and hallways have carpets.


You must NOT bring drugs to ANE College. Anybody found doing any sort of dealing with the drugs will be expelled from the college and reported to the police.


Spitting is NOT allowed in public places in Australia. It is against the law, and you can be fined if you are caught spitting.

Firearms and Knives

It is against the law in New South Wales to carry firearms or knives in public places, and you must NOT bring any firearms, knives, or any kind of weapons to ANE College. Anybody found with any sort of weapons will be expelled from the college and reported to the police.


Dress should be tidy, giving a professional look to the students. Thongs or any clothing considered by management to be offensive will not be allowed.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones need to be strictly switched off during class or any seminar. You can use the mobile phones out of class sessions, breaks, and common room.

Food and Drink

Eating and drinking beverages are not allowed in the classrooms, computer labs, hallways, stairways, and lifts. You can use the common room for eating and drinking.


Keep your surroundings clean. Would you please use rubbish bins for the litter?

Important Tips:

Never leave your belongings. In case of lost, check at Reception and in the classroom. Keep ANE College’s premises clean and do not write anything on the walls or the desks. The students are required to leave the college’s premises in neat condition.