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While studying at ANE College

While studying at ANE College, you may benefit from accessing the support services. We help you in accessing a wide range of services:

Facilities and Equipment

ANE College heavily invests in ensuring that the student learns on the latest equipment. We also offer spaces to work collaboratively with fellows and classmates from your course and other disciplines.
Our lecture rooms have the latest technology, and the equipment is regularly checked and maintained to ensure effective and efficient operation. The students are accessed to every necessary instructional and assessment facility, materials, and equipment.

Training facilities include:

  • Fully resourced lecture rooms
  • Training equipment set up safely and securely
  • Adequate ventilation and lighting
  • Amenities for a meal break
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Availability of necessary resources and references
  • Latest gadgets/computers with internet access.

If we ever plan on relocating the college, we will notify both ASQA and students at least three weeks before relocating. We will inform you regarding the new address, map, and other relevant details, during the transition period.


Before starting the terms, we organize an orientation program. On your first day at college, our team will welcome you and help you with everything. We will be discussing about:

  • Accommodation
  • Finance
  • Further Study
  • Australian Lifestyle
  • Requirements
  • When and how the certificates can be issued on successful completion of the course
  • How your skills and knowledge will be assessed
  • How to report if you are not satisfied with any services provided by the college
    Emergency Evacuation procedures
  • Course timetables
  • Attendance
  • Course content

Education Support:

Our college experts have planned and use education support strategies like:

  • Demonstration procedures
  • Pre-teaching technical terminology
  • Writing Skills
  • Use of latest information literacy
  • Assistance with assessments or tasks
  • Referencing
  • Use of information technology
  • Providing hands-on experience and practice
  • Encourage students to work at their pace

We offer additional tutorial times for students if needed. Our trainers are ready to work even in smaller groups.

College Academic Calendar and Intakes:

Course Timetable

Before starting the terms, we provide timetables and room allocations beforehand. In some circumstances, the timetables may change. However, in such cases, the timetables will be posted approximately two weeks before the start of the next term on the college noticeboard and the website.

New students will receive their timetable and room allocations at orientation.

Language Literacy and Numeracy Support:

ANE College works on a single motto to provide a positive and rewarding learning experience. On our enrolment form, you will need to provide information regarding Language, Literacy, and Numeracy requirements. If you have issues, you can contact our Student Services Officer to discuss them.

Tuition Protection Service

ANE College has Tuition Protection Service (TPS) for international students, where they can ask for placement or a refund if your provider is unable to teach. Visit the TPS website,, for more information.

Student Card:

To obtain a student card, you need to provide a passport size photograph. You can submit the picture at reception. Your student card will be issued within a week. The cost of student cards for on-shore students is $25.

P.S: The student card helps you get discounts at museums, cinemas, and exhibitions.

Registered Training Organization:

ANE College complies with the Vocational Quality Framework (VQF), National Code of Practice 2007, and requirements mentioned by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). A copy of the National Code of Practice 2007 is available in the administration office, or you can download it from