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what are we

why study with us

ANE College offers a wide range of services to international students. Study with us and gain different skills and experiences that will be helpful for your future and will help you accomplish your dreams and goals.

  • All activities of ANE College are carried out honestly, fairly, accurately to give value to our students.
  • The safe, educational environment around the college helps you explore new opportunities.
  • All courses incorporate competency units focusing on communication skills. In addition, language, literacy, and numeracy support are accessible to all ANE College students, so we manage students on a case-by-case basis during student orientation.
  • All students who attend ANE College are referred to or recruited by an Education/ Migration Agent.
  • ANE College will assist students in adjusting to study and life in Australia, including through the provision of age and culturally appropriate orientation program
  • ANE College will provide best-practice student academic support and intervention to optimize achievement of learning outcomes

So, if you want to experience all these facilities and have a better future, we are waiting for you. ANE College maintains suitable, up-to-date premises and equipment that satisfy all specifications, as well as applicable government regulations, are held in good order and revised when necessary. The rooms in ANE College are equipped with smoke alarms and have emergency exit procedures. A variety of learning aid options and services will be offered to all the students to attain competency; this includes academic, personal support, and referral to external support services.

So, come with us where we offer the chance to build their talent from around the world in a warm, healthy, stimulating, and multicultural education, free from prejudice and harassment.

Mission and Strategy

The mission of ANE College is to encompass a pathway of the development of our practical training strategies to build and sustain a high-quality educational environment and to engage common individuals into the unprecedented through our outstanding, interactive, confident boosting training.

ANE College wishes to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the international levels of highly skilled professionals.

Vision Statement

ANE College, a learning community that aspires to grow in knowledge, envisions the comprehensive development of the students into practical professionalism while remaining aware of the values of humanity and the intellectually educational environment.

core value

The core value of ANE College is to uphold freedom of thoughts, multiculturalism, responsibility, and integrity in all activities and services toward the students and others as a whole. These principles benefit the students through high standards of education and training, up-to-date methods, quality materials, and professional staff.


We are committed to our people, our students, and our community.

Commitment to Diversity and Equality

ANE College strives to ensure people of all gender, ages, abilities, sexuality, faith, and cultural backgrounds are supported to pursue careers in their fields. We implement a range of support initiatives to ensure staff and students of all genders, disabilities, and cultures.

ANE College is committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, equality is centred, and every student has equal opportunities to achieve their potential. We strive to remove barriers by continually improving our practices promoting and encouraging gender equality activities, and addressing gender imbalances that may exist in the college.

Commitment to Gender Equality

ANE College is deeply passionate and committed to achieve gender equality. We believe that educational institutes play a crucial role to create a relevant and responsive workforce to meet the global challenges by removing the gender barriers. We also should recognize basic human rights to improve the ability to develop organizational sustainability and national economic growth.

As per our strategic plan, we strongly commit to promote equality, diversity, and social responsibility capturing the overall vision for gender equality.

Commitment of Mental Health and Wellbeing

We believe that the mental health and wellbeing of our staff and students go hand in hand with our success. The students and staff are supported to maintain positive mental health and resilience here at ANE. We have mentioned mental health and wellbeing as one of the aspects of our college.

ANE College understands that every student is individual and has different needs that may change during their studies. So, we have listed our support services that are tailored to diverse needs. Not only this, but we also provide counseling services for all students that are free and confidential.


Students’ well-being is our priority!

ANE College focuses on a series of priorities that align different activities, reflect the refreshed vision for the real world, support creativity and professional engagement.

Professional Engagement and Ethical Leadership:

Our highly professional experts are committed to providing quality education to enable courses to draw upon current real-world practice.

Aspiration and Inclusion:

We work hard to become one of the best Registered Training Organizations and support educational activities.

Digital Transformation and Technology:

We all know how the technologies have taken place all over. At ANE College, we embrace digital transformation and enhance strengths in the community and health care fields.

Health and Well-being:

We understand and create an environment to empower strong, supportive, and diverse communities.


ANE College is committed to reduce the impact on the environment. We extend public understanding of environmental challenges.